Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Adding Delicious tag buttons to other computers

I would think that most of you would use multiple computers, one at home, your school laptop and maybe the classroom computers. If you want to just view your Delicious page then you would just type in the address delicious.com/yourusername

If you want to be able to tag websites when you find them, then you will need the Delicious buttons on the Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari) you are using.

When you open your Delicious page, click on Sign In

Type your user name and password, press Enter on the Keyboard.

Click on Help

Click on Bookmarking buttons and add-ons for your browser or website under the Need tools?
Click on Firefox Bookmarks add-on if you are using Firefox
Click on Internet Explorer buttons if you are using Explorer
Click on Bookmarklet buttons for any browser if you are using Safari
Follow the instructions for installing buttons

Friday, September 5, 2008

Turn a screen capture or a graphic into a jpeg

Occasionally you might want a picture from somewhere on your computer or on the Internet and a right click to save as or copy does not work. Or in some cases as some people recently on one of my courses wanted to show a student's finished poster created in Publisher or Word on their blog or Wiki and they didn't want to show it as an attachment. You must save the image as a jpeg to insert into a blog or wiki, so you need a screen capture first.
Windows 7
Go to the Windows Button
Type in Snipping Tool
click on it
Click and drag around what you want to capture
Click on the Save button (the floppy disk icon) or click on the Copy button to enable you to paste straight to another document.

Windows XP, Vista
To take a screen capture
- press PrtSc on your keyboard (some models like HP require you to hold down the Fn key at the same time)
- open Paint by going to Start - Accessories - Paint
- Press Ctrl V on your keyboard to paste the screen capture
- click on the Square Selector button
- click and drag around the part of the screen capture you want
- go to Image - Crop (Vista) or Edit - Copy to (XP)

To turn into a jpeg

- Go to Save. Save the picture in a folder that you have named to store pictures specifically for blogs and wikis

Mac Computers
For mac computers it is a lot easier, press Shift, Option 4, click and drag around what you want to save as an image, let go of mouse and it will be saved either to your desktop or to your documents.