Monday, July 14, 2008

I have no Photo Editing Software on my computer

All windows computers in New Zealand schools come with Microsoft Office and part of that package (if it has been installed in its entirety) you will find Microsoft Picture Manager or on older versions Microsoft Photo Editor. This is perfect for most basic photo editing you need to do; such as cropping, brightening, rotating, remove red eye and most useful of all compressing photos
But sometimes for whatever reason there is no Picture Manager. But there are plenty of free programmes available. One particularly good downloadable one is Photofiltre which has loads of features that you can use, plus you can use it offline. There are also many free online programmes that have all the basic features plus some exciting extras. These are my recommendations.
  1. Fotoflexer - comprehensive editing tools and great filters
  2. Photoshop Express - cutdown version of Photoshop
  3. Lunapic - filters, effects and animations
  4. Phixer - photos can be saved to computer and Flickr
  5. Picnik - comprehensive photo editing

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