Monday, January 19, 2009

Word 2007 (Windows) and blogging

What type of blogger are you? Can you type all your thoughts in one go into the blogging window and then publish, or are you the writer that needs time to think about what you say?

If you are the latter then Word 2007 offers a blogging option. Go to and select New and select New Blog Post.

First of all you will have to set up an account, and a dialogue box will appear where you will have to identify your Blog provider (in the case of this blog it is 'Blogger'). There is a pictures option but you need to be able to identify your own server to access the pictures, so it might be easier to leave the pictures alone and add them in the final stages. Once you have identified your provider, type in your User name and password that you usually use for editing your blog. Select your blog if you have more than one and then you can start typing in your new post. You can add more blogs by clicking on the Manage Accounts, going through the same procedure as before.

Now you can type your blog offline, save and return to it when you like.

When you are ready to publish, click on the Publish dropdown menu button. If
you choose Publish it will go straight to your blog site. If you choose Publish as Draft then you can add your photos.

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