Monday, November 23, 2009

Download Youtube movies

Video Download Helper is one of the best youtube downloaders I have come across.
It is a free Firefox extension that sits on your Firefox toolbar. When you find a movie that you want to download just click on the Video Download button and choose from the Dropdown list the format you would like to save the movie in. Click on Download and it will download to your Download folder.
If you download as a .flv you will need an flv player.

If you download it as a mp4, you can play in Quicktime player or Media Player.

Be aware when you go to this site that you want to click on the 'Install the extension' this will add the Youtube downloader extension.

WARNING: You might not want to click on 'They are here' link, this leads to a place where you can search for movies but it brings up movie choices that are definitely not educational!

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